Corporate Restructuring

New business unit

In the life cycle of a business, there is a moment when you reach the crossroads of having to make the decision to continue growing and expanding the business or not to risk and stagnate, thus triggering the appropriate consequences.

Our client, an Association whose activity is limited to the Madrid Region and a specific sector, asked us for advice to grow their services. They had an idea, and it was necessary to give it shape.

Thanks to martinsdelima, this Association has created a new business unit that allows it to expand its target audience and its area of work, thus also increasing its revenues. As a result, it now offers more and more complete services to more companies. Furthermore, its scope of action covers other geographical areas in addition to the Community of Madrid.

This business unit has had to be structured in another independent legal vehicle so as not to be limited by the statutes of the association. On the other hand, the restructuring has achieved so that the association benefited from the new unit in all aspects. Among them, now the association has more economic strength and offers more numerous and better services.

For this, the association has relied on the structural and sectoral analysis that we have carried out to evaluate the interrelation options between the Association and the new service that they wanted to provide. So, they have applied the tailorized marketing and action plan designed to achieve the objectives set, so that the financial plan is a success.

Likewise, once the structure was determined, working hand in hand with the client, we have designed the corporate identity of the new company and an economic-financial plan. That was done according to tastes and needs of the client, which guarantees the expectations of success of providing said service.

Alicia Torres Antequera


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