July 2015 in Madrid, article in La Razón about the Spanish devaluation


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Rafael Martins de Lima wrote an article in La Razón called The Spanish Devaluation.

This article was written  on the ocassion of the favorable predictions about Spain’s macroeconomic evolution from analysts and the most prestigious banks and agencies. This situation is specially remarkable if we compare it with the situation of Greece and other European countries.

The article relates that there are two main ways for executing a devaluation. The first one is having your own currency, option that for any country inside the Euro implies getting out of it. The second one comes from making a great effort to reduce prices and costs.

The first method would mean returning to the two-digits interest rates characteristic of the peseta and, therefore, distancing from the developed world. The second one, although it is much more difficult, was executed by individuals and companies, allowing Spain to remain part of the developed world.

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The Spanish Devaluation – La Razón

June 2015 @ Reijkavic (Iceland) Conference and Article on Banking System and Economy in Iceland & Spain 


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Rafael Martins de Lima gave a conference on Spanish-Icelandic chamber of commerce in Reykjavik on 11 June 2015. The main Icelandic newspaper MORGUNBLAÐIÐ, published an article about the conference.

There he spoke about the problems of providing financial products no understood by people or small businesses.

In Iceland, many people have been trapped with loans linked to inflation or to foreign currency. That currency has an exchange rate that has nothing to do with the one used in their salaries. This can lead to individuals and SMEs impossible to afford the repayment of loans.

He also spoke about the Spanish economy as it has changed substantially in recent years in terms of weight of exports and construction sector.

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May 2015 @ Madrid (Spain) Breakfast at Newspaper La Razón on Future of Banking

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Rafael Martins de Lima participated in an open debate at newspaper La Razón about the future of banking with professionals of banking, education and consulting. La razón wrote a 2 page article about the main conclusions of the event.

Rafael Martins de Lima said that banking is key for an economy but the problem is that virtually nobody understand it.

So to get clients and mantain them banks should be more transparent about services & prices.

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Full article La Razón



April 2015 @ Barcelona (Spain) Seminar at Chamber of Commerce on Antitrust


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Rafael Martins de Lima together with Peter Callol, managing partner of Callol, Coca & Asociados staged an event on infringements of competition law in the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

Pedro Callol spoke about the legal aspect of breaches of competition law.

Rafael Martins de Lima explained the methodologies for measuring the damage caused by these violations

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Chamber of Commerce – Antitrust


October 2014 @ Almaty (Kazajstan) Conference on funding corporations under Basell III


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Rafael Martins de Lima gave a conference in Almaty (Kazajstan) on how funding corporations can change under the new Basel III framework.

Specially in Emerging Markets, where the Financial System has not already been clearly developed, many believe that Basel III can mean a decrease on the rythim of financial system development.

But Rafael Martins de Lima communicated that corporations with officers with a good financial education are going to be capables of getting more funds and cheaper. The idea is to search for the financial product that really solves the problem. Further that strategy could be cheaper that traditional funding.


October 2014 @ Moscow (Russia) in the Economic & Commercial Office of Spain to give a conference about funding instruments

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Rafael Martins de Lima was in the Economic & Commercial Office of Spain in Moscow (Russia) talking about funding instruments.

BRICSs markets have developed pretty fast through foreign investments and exports. But their next step should be suppported with more sophisticated funding.

Many relate securitization with Lehman Brothers. But fixed income is developing and will develop even more due to de the decreasing role of banks in some loan activities.

That is the same with other kind of funding as project and asset finance. On the other side all these kind of finance require an stable regulatory and market environment.



October 2014 @ Minsk (Belarus) Conference at Venture Lab on Steps to Success on Start Ups

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Rafael Martins de Lima came to Minsk, capital of Belarus. There he met with an extraordinary atmosphere of young professionals and students who wanted to create his company.

In Minsk Venture Lab, Rafael Martins de Lima spoke about the steps that an start-up should give to become succesful.

He talked about angels, family offices and venture capital firms. Even he talked about the access to the international debt and equity markets.



September 2014 @ Kiev (Ukraine) Conference at World Bank organized by CFA Society on Basel III


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Emerging Markets, such as Ukrainian nowadays, are under a transformation process to go from an underdeveloped economy to a developed one.

There are several factors that are key conditions to reach the status of developed economy. Among them, legal security, no corruption, good infrastructures and an excellent banking system are typical ones. Actually a high GDP/Capita figure is just a consequence of being a developed economy. But having a high GDP/Capita does not mean that an economy has got the status of developed.

Banking Systems in Developed Economies have gone through several steps during past centuries. Banking crisis is very harmful especially in those economies, because both lending and specially savings depend on them. As a consequence different international and national bodies follow banks health.

Bank for International Settlements created the Basel rules to help countries to have a more stable banking system and therefore a more efficient economy. But developed economies have followed the whole process from having basically uncontrolled banks, to the current situation where Basel III is being implemented.

Therefore Emerging Markets arrive to a process that is already ongoing and should adapt. We will talk about that cross of alternatives, to develop an economy as fast as possible but without relying in a weak banking system and at the same time complying with international banking regulations.

Below full infomation

World Bank


September 2014 @ Baku (Azerbaijan) conference at Azerbaijan University of Economics on banking system in emerging markets


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Rafael Martins de Lima visited the Azerbaiyan University of Economics to talk about the role of banking in emerging markets.

He explained that banks are key for an economy to properly work. But the problem is that few people know them in depth and when something is not known, people tend to believe that they are the guilty of everything. That makes difficult to manage the system so that they can pull the economy.

Therefore, Rafael Martins de Lima gave some guidelines on how banks should work in emerging economies to help them develop.



September 2014 @ México DF Conference at Torre Mayor Club Piso 51 on Business Financing

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Rafael Martins de Lima visited Mexico DF and gave a conference at Club Piso 51, Harvard Club, IE Business School and other Business Schools headquarters in Mexico.

He talked about how to access to forms of finance tailored to the needs of businesses. He explained that using any of these forms one could get more funding and often at a better price.

Then the newspaper El Universal interviewed him. Below you can download the complete article.

El Universal Article



March 2013 @ Moscow (Russia) invited by IFC and World Bank to talk about waste management and renewable energy including its funding using Public-Private Partnerships

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Rafael Martins de Lima invited by IFC (International Finance Corporation) talked about projects on waste treatment  and renewable energy.

Because the conference specifically addressed
PPPs  of (Public Private Parnerships, PPPs), Rafael Martins de Lima recounted experiences in various parts of the world.

IFC (International Finance Corporation, or IFC) belongs to the World Bank and his target is to fund private initiatives

To download the full program please click below.




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