Corporate Finance

  • Valuations of companies, contracts, projects and asset portfolios.
  • Valuation of complex financial structures (Derivatives, Swaps).
  • Valuation reports as independent expert in corporate disputes.
  • Advisory services on value creation.
  • Assistance in the preparation of merger and spin-off projects.
  • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies.
  • Preparation and review of financial models and investment projects.
  • Analysis of securities and Real Estate investment funds.
  • Advice on negotiation of PPAs (Purchase Price Agreements).
  • Sale and purchase transactions.
  • Spin-off of business lines or assets.
  • Strategic alliances.
  • Shareholder reorganizations.
  • Search for capital and financing.
  • Strategic corporate and transactional advice.
  • Feasibility plans.
  • Operational and financial restructuring.
  • Advice on refinancing processes.
  • Financial structure optimization.
  • Seeking financing for growth/substitution.
  • Search for working capital financing.

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