Economics & Finance

martinsdelima consultants have, among other, the following experience:

a. International Arbitrations:

I. Exit value from bancassurance contract

II. Contribution analysis of construction project

III. Analysis of the financial structure of highway

IV.Damages caused by contracts changes in energy centrals

 V. Company valuation for spin-off

 VI. Damage valuation for renewable energy power stations

b. Other disputes:

I. Valuation of insurance companies

II. Sales & lease back contracts

III. Execution of the commercial policy of a savings bank

IV. Calculation of the labor contract remunerations for a savings bank

V. Performance analysis of real estate funds

VI. Financial derivatives for presentation at ordinary courts (structured products, swaps, collars, etc.)

VII. Risk hedging strategy for a large infrastructure concession

VIII. Value of companies and power plants

IX. International businesses development plans

X. Contracts and brands valuation

XI. Client portfolio valuation

XII. Criteria analysis and compensation for customers estimate

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