Economy & Finance

a. Valuation:

I. Public Companies

II. Private Companies

III. Projects

IV. Contracts

V. General Damages

VI. Lost Profit

VII. Client Portfolios

VIII. Brands

IX. Mergers and acquisitions

b. Analysis and valuation of financial products:

I. Structured products (bonds, subordinated, reverse floaters…)

II. Hedges (swaps, collars, caps, floors, KIKO collar…)

III. Derivatives (options, futures, forwards…)

IV. Movable and unmovable property funds

V. Project Finance Structures

VI. Sale and Lease Back Contracts

VII. Bank execution analysis

VIII. Investment Banking Operations

c. Bankruptcy proceedings

d. Analysis of economic flows and contract prices

e. Compensation for customers (agencies)

f. Economic Law (fraud, veracity information)

g. Economic Crime

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