• Valuations of companies, projects, damages and client portfolios.
  • Analysis and valuation of financial products such as derivatives.
  • Insolvency proceedings.
  • Compensation for the value of the clientele portfolio.
  • Economic Criminal Law (fraud, fiscal, scams, truthfulness information).
  • Reputational analysis of potential investors and investment objects.
Labour Law
  • Redundancy procedures (Work Force Adjustment Plan or WFAP and Temporary Employment Regulation Files or TERF) for economic, technical, organisational, and productive reasons.
  • Analysis of business reorganizations.
  • Managers dismissals.
  • Valuation of Stock Options and other incentives.
  • Analysis of computer systems.
  • Assessment of medical situations.
Engineering and Energy

  • Project feasibility analysis.
  • Condition assessment and damage calculation in engineering and construction projects.
  • Damage caused by regulatory changes.
  • Estimating the reasonable cost of products and services.
  • Computer expertise.
  • Damage due to misuse of patens.
Competition law
  • Analysis of the influence on prices and markets of cases filed by competition regulators.
  • Calculation of damages in cartels including overcharging, and impact (“pass on”).
  • Evaluation of economic sectors.
  • Unfair competition practices analysis.

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