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Bad execution of the construction of a Pyrolysis Plant

In martinsdelima, we have had the opportunity to analyze a pioneering project for the realization of an Industrial Pyrolysis Plant. Our role involved two reports, the first one studying the economic situation of the plant and the second one at a technical level. For this, we had to make several visits to the plant.

At martinsdelima, we studied the engineering project, examining and delving into its particularities. In this case, our work was based on detecting all technical deficiencies made by the engineering company in charge of developing the plant.

Likewise, we carry out an economic analysis aimed at quantifying the damages caused to our client. To do this, we calculated consequential damage and loss of profit.

The consequential damage took into account all expenses and investments not included in the engineering project.

Lost Profits quantified the current value of the results that were not going to be obtained due to the increase of personnel compared to the initial project to manage the plant in a proper way.

We also calculated the damage caused by the delay in the commissioning of the plant.

Lastly, the ratification was fundamental, as we presented to the judge in a simple and dynamic way, those technical aspects that gave rise to the controversy and answering the questions made by both parties.

Carmen Estella

Senior Consultant

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